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When you want to enjoy fresh-made sushi, Katsumi’s Teaching Kitchen has you covered. Leave all the prep work to us, and have fun with your friends and family! A private sushi chef will come to you, craft sushi by hand that meets your group’s unique tastes, and serve it right in front of you using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients! Please contact us before your party or event if your group has any special dietary requirements.

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If you want to host a sushi-making party with your friends and family, a private sushi chef from Katsumi’s Teaching Kitchen can serve as your instructor. You can come to us, or we can come to you! Your chef will supply our fresh, high-quality ingredients and help your group learn how to roll them into tasty sushi rolls. By the end of your party or event, everyone will be a sushi snob!

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Korean BBQ is a delicious meal best enjoyed with your friends and family. Let Katsumi’s Teaching Kitchen take care of the food while your group spends time together! You’ll get an authentic, high-quality Korean BBQ experience without having to do any of the grilling work yourself.

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Our sushi catering, Korean BBQ catering, and private sushi chef experience are great additions to any of your parties, weddings, graduations, and corporate events. In fact, you can even book a service just for fun! We can customize your catering service to meet your group’s size and tastes. If anyone in your group has a special dietary requirement, please contact us before your party or event.

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Katsumi's teaching kitchen is here to teach you that healthy, satisfying Japanese food need not be expensive nor difficult to make!

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