Bento Boot Camp

Summer Camps are a fun place to learn more about your favorite subjects/hobbies. At Katsumi’s Teaching Kitchen we sponsor a wonderful summer cooking program to learn more about Japanese language & culture.

At Bento Boot Camp children learn how to make yummy Japanese dishes, fun crafts, and basic Japanese language skills. Anime (Japanese cartoon/animation), a very popular Japanese cultural cartoons are also covered.

Katsumi’s Teaching Kitchen can accommodate

Ages 6-17 Groups up to 15

Diet restricted recipes available; Gluten-free, Nut-free, Vegan, Dairy & egg restricted

Camp Highlights

-Friendly Staff -Authentic Japanese recipes

-Kawaii/Cute Aprons & supplies -Japanese culture games

-Learn new culinary skills -Take home recipes & goodies


Teacher's Helpers

For those interested in Japanese culture and would like to work with Katsumi’s Teaching Kitchen. Teacher's Helpers can assist with 3 classes in exchange for 1 cooking class. Ask for details

Camp Schedules

Image of a person rolling sushi

Camp Times

  • 6 to 9 years old
  • 8:30-9:00 am - Early drop-off
  • 9:00-12:00 pm-Class in Session
  • 12:00 to 12:30 pm - Late pick-up
  • 10-14 years old
  • 12:30-1:00 pm - Early drop off
  • 1:00-4:00 pm- Class in Session

    4:00-4:30pm -Late pick-up

  • 15-17 years old
  • 4:00 - 4:30 - Early drop off
  • 5:00-8:00 pm-Class in Session

    8:00-8:30 pm- Late Pick-up

  • Book Classes

Price Rates

$275 for 5 days/week

Ages 6 to 17

All Novis Level

A $20 Sign-up & supplies fee

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image of japanese street food


  • June 3 - 7
  • June 10-14
  • June 17-21
  • June 24-28
  • July 1-5
  • July 8-12
  • July 15-19
  • July 22-26

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June Lessons

  • June 3-7
  • Menu*** Subjects*** Crafts/Activity
  • June 3 Omurice***Chopsticks/Greetings*** Japanese Flash cards (I)
  • June 4 Yakisoba***Umami/JapaneseFoods*** Sakura Craft (Sachet packets)
  • June 5 Curry rice*** History/Numbers***Karuta
  • June 6 Fresh Sprng Rolls*** Body language/Kanji***Origami bookmarker
  • June 7 Potstickers***Chinese horoscope***Lanterns
  • June 10-14


  • June 10 Somen***New Years/Colors & Numbers*** Japanese flash cards (II)
  • June11 Sushi rolls ***Anime***Kitsune mask
  • June12 Karaage***Sakura/Western Foods***Sakura craft (Lip balm)
  • June 13 Fried Rice***Japanese Holidays***Xmas ornament
  • June 14 Okonomiyaki***Kanji/Japanese History*** Crane mobiles
  • June 17-21
  • Menu***Subjects*** Crafts
  • June 17 Temaki rolls***Anime***Japanese flash cards (III)
  • June 18 Sushi rolls***Geography***Sushi felt
  • June 19 Tamago & Miso soup*** Japanese Foods***Sakura flower craft
  • June 20 Bento*** Japanese Teas***Tea party
  • June 21 Pork Ponkatsu*** Kanji***Japanese scavenger hunt
  • June 24-28
  • Menu***Subjects*** Crafts
  • June 24 Oyakodon*** Japanese Teas***Japanese Flashcards (IV)
  • June 25 Yakitori***Geography***Karuta
  • June 26 Onigiri & Miso***Anime/Holidays*** Key Rings
  • June 27 Teriyaki chicken*** Samurai***The body parts game
  • June 28 Temari balls*** Greetings/Bento Prep***Hanami party
  • Book Classes

Image of a bowl of Ramen

July Lessons

  • July 1-5
  • Menu*** Subjects*** Crafts/Activity
  • July 1 Omurice***Chopsticks/Greetings*** Japanese Flash cards (I)
  • July 2 Yakisoba***Umami/JapaneseFoods*** Sakura Craft (Sachet packets)
  • July 3 Curry rice*** History/Numbers***Karuta
  • July 4 Fresh Sprng Rolls*** Body language/Kanji***Origami bookmarker
  • July 5 Potstickers***Chinese horoscope***Lanterns
  • July 8-12
  • Menu*** Subjects*** Crafts/Activity
  • July 8 Somen***New Years/Colors & Numbers*** Japanese flash cards (II)
  • July 9 Sushi rolls ***Anime***Kitsune mask
  • July 10 Karaage***Sakura/Western Foods***Sakura craft (Lip balm)
  • July 11 Fried Rice***Japanese Holidays***Xmas ornament
  • July 12 Okonomiyaki***Kanji/Japanese History*** Crane mobiles
  • July 15-19
  • Menu*** Subjects*** Crafts/Activity
  • July 15 Temaki rolls***Anime***Japanese flash cards (III)
  • July 16 Sushi rolls***Geography***Sushi felt
  • July 17 Tamago & Miso soup*** Japanese Foods***Sakura flower craft
  • July 18 Bento*** Japanese Teas***Tea party
  • July 19 Pork Ponkatsu*** Kanji***Japanese scavenger hunt
  • July 22-26
  • Menu*** Subjects*** Crafts/Activity
  • July 22 Oyakodon*** Japanese Teas***Japanese Flashcards (IV)
  • July 23 Yakitori***Geography***Karuta
  • July 24 Onigiri & Miso***Anime/Holidays*** Key Rings
  • July 25 Teriyaki chicken*** Samurai***The body parts game
  • July 26 Temari balls*** Greetings/Bento Prep***Hanami party

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image of a kids bento box

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much is your Bento Boot Camp?

A: The Bento Boot Camp $275 for the week per person, per week

Q: Can I register online?

A: You may register online or the first day of camp day

Q: What will my child be making? Will we receive recipes?

A: At Bento Boot Camp we focus on making authentic Japanese foods. Your child will receive a recipe for every dish we make.

Q: Do we offer full-day options?

A: There is one day or one full week options at this time. Please ask the administrator

Q: Can Bento Boot Camp accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions?

A: Bento Book Camp would be more than happy to accommodate your child’s special dietary and allergy restrictions.

Q: What are your arrival & pick-up policies?

A: At the time of registration that 30 minute gap before & after class is a courtesy. If you go pass the 30 minute mark then you will charged a fee. The fee is $1 per minute

Q: Do I need to sign-up for early drop-offs or pick-up?

A: The early drop-offs & late pick-ups is a courtesy to the students and their parents

Q: What if my child wants to sit with their friends?

A: There is no assigned seating in the class.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Minus the one day that your child attended then full refund.

Q: Where do I sign my waiver?

A: I will have the waivers on-line or at the office in the Kitchen

Q: How do I reschedule or cancel my class?

A: Please reschedule or cancel “prior” to the class.

Q: What is the minimum you would need to do a class?

A: The minimum to do a class is 4 people

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Special needs (vegetarian, allergies) need to be communicated before class

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Katsumi's teaching kitchen is here to teach you that healthy, satisfying Japanese food need not be expensive nor difficult to make!

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